Things to do in Matera

1. I Sassi di Matera

Password: lost in the alleys!
Clock Forget, let the stress at home and treat yourself to a dip in the past. Wrap yourself from the heat that reigns and let yourself be lulled by the scent of the aromas that will wisely tell the life of the past. Close your eyes and you feel like you hear in the distance the sound of gosse wheels of carts pulled by donkeys and the slow and weary step of the farmers who return home. You smile at the happy children running through the narrow streets and have fun with games that nobody that fascinate us every time we tell them. Look up and to this day you can see clothes hanging from a house and the other as a symbol of that neighborhood that once united the families and gave the bond that has made a strong population, right in the Sassi, he has experienced one of the periods worst of civilization. We all know the story of Matera which today looks pleasant to the future without forgetting to be labeled as & quot; the & quot del'Italia shame ;. An ugly duckling who knew how to wait and today is admired as the most beautiful swan never existed.

2. Cathedral of Matera

You're finally back.
Was now thirteen long years since we've seen your beauty. Ever since, in 2003, two aisles could not keep the weight of time and collapsed. Finally your rose to 16 spokes, symbolizing the wheel of life, is back to shine and to look with benevolent air Sasso Barisano. The details and the wonder we leave it to the tourist, visitor and to all people who want to visit the great cathedral, a symbol of the

3. La Casa Grotta

The humility of a family and the great human values. The simplicity of Matera typical dwelling inhabited until 1957 (found in solitary Vico) sent to think of the difficulties of an activity made up of small and simple things. There was no room for the superfluous and everyday life is lived in a single room of 11 people and animals in the adjacent rooms. A single dish, a table in the middle and the big bed made with corn leaves were the & quot; rich & quot; the family that day by day progressed in a unhealthy environment and that has given to Matera that dubious distinction after the war.

4. La cripta del peccato originale

What splendor!
You've been called the Sistine Chapel of cave wall paintings and are known by the population of Matera as the Cave of the Hundred Saints. On the back wall are shows some scenes from the biblical Genesis (God the Father Creator, the Light, the Darkness, the creation of Adam, Eve's birth, temptation and original sin) and in the three basins apse depicts the Apostles, the Archangels and the Virgin. Unknown author of extraordinary figurative works, simply stated that the Painter of Flowers Matera for the presence in the less of numerous flowers frescoes with red petals

Il centro cittadino

The city center, the mix of old and new.
 Walking through Piazza Vittorio Veneto we realize the union of ancient and modern civilizations. Shops, fountains and surface events are opposed to the underground city made of arches, caves, rock churches and clay pits. We could spend many words, but we do not want to reveal everything now. Come and visit us.

5. Il Palombaro Lungo

"Plumbarius" what it will mean.
Latin word used to describe those who lead lined the pipes for aqueducts and, more generally, whatever he had to do with the plumbing work. The path of 17 meters underground will be a fascinating walk in the belly of the city. What are you waiting? We can not tell you everything now ...

6. La festa della Bruna

July 2! The longest day of Matera.
Try to ask any citizen of Matera: " What happens on July 2 in Matera? ". As well as look at you with a look a little surprised-because it is possible that there is not anyone in the world in the dark about everything - will tell you that on July 2 in Matera happens "u macidd" (The caos- translated) and associate to the devotion to the patroness of the city "Maria Santissima della Bruna" the procession of shepherds and "the strazzo the Cart". Too simplistic to summarize in three words the emotion, the expectation and the warmth that characterizes the longest day of Matera already from midnight on 2 July the same starts with the wait pronouncing " A moghj a moghj all'ann c ven". Translation? Ask for it you ..